Don't Get PWNed!: How to Protect Your Child Online

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By Preston Jones

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Don't Get PWNed!: How to Protect Your Child Online

ABOUT Preston Jones

Preston Jones
Preston Jones President of Keeping Kids Safe, child safety expert, #1 bestselling author, consultant, speaker and trainer. Married 16 years. Two daughters. Thirty-four year practitioner of martial arts, 5th degree black belt. Owner, Cutting Edge Martial Arts. Former police officer, Camdent More...



This book provides actual methods for real online safety for any child, any age. Not only does it provide tips, it also offers the "How To's" and the "Why's" behind the information.

The Keys to your child being safe on the Internet are inside this book with effective skills, real techniques and specific tips on:

* My Child Is Not Allowed Online! And Other Safety Myths

* The 7 Pitfalls Of Ignorance Online

* Why Using The Web Is Not Like Using A Cell Phone

* The 21st Century Dangers Of The Internet

* Outsmarting The Full Time Criminals

* Handling Cyberbullies

* 8 Instant Messaging Safeguards

* 8 Chat Room Safety Secrets

* The Sly Disguises Of Online Sexual Predators

* The Warning Signs You Must Know That Your Child Is In Danger From An Online Predator

* The 10 Secrets To Stopping Online Predators Cold!

The information is presented in an easy and simple, straight forward way that any busy parent can read or refer to. The book is full of common sense solutions that are effective.