Down on the Farm: Real Life Stories and Photographs by a Minnesota Farm Girl

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By Jessica Callens

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Down on the Farm: Real Life Stories and Photographs by a Minnesota Farm Girl

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Jessica Callens



A rare experience, a step back in time, a special encounter with reality, a once in a lifetime chance to visit for yourself - Down on the Farm! Callens' Down on the Farm takes you on a fabulous journey through the lush green fields of the Minnesota Heartland, along a dirt road, past the fishing hold and through the orchard to the Callens Farm where an exciting story unfolds every day between the rooster's crow and the setting of the sun! Join in the adventures of the Callens Family through inspiring, gently humorous and touching true stores told with country charm and a farm girl's firsthand experience! You may find yourself hunting down predators, canning vegetables, stuccoing the house, herding muddy hogs, searching for asparagus, doing laundry, hosting a barn dance, butchering chickens or a Christmas goose, teasing the city cousins, milking a cantankerous old cow, attending a rodeo or local auction, but you're guaranteed to have a blast no matter what the country adventure holds! Don't wait another rooster's crow before donning your straw hat and coveralls for the experience of a lifetime where the sun makes his bed in a cornfield every evening, where the pavement ends and the prairie begins - Down on the Farm!