Drunk & Disorderly, Again: My Name Is Hoot, I'm an Alcoholic

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By Claude "Hoot" Hooten

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Drunk & Disorderly, Again: My Name Is Hoot, I'm an Alcoholic

ABOUT Claude "Hoot" Hooten

Claude Hoot Hooten
Hoot was born an alcoholic in Los Angeles, savagely attacked as a young boy in Oregon, was sponsored as a young writer by Hearst Corporation, was tops on the radio in Houston and Miami, owned a station in Sante Fe, NM, where he got sober and wealthy at the same time.



Born an alcoholic and drunk at 5, I battled the symptoms of my disease my whole life. I was viciously attacked by a predator at 10, then went on to win my battle over booze, drugs and an obsession for women, to become one of radio's most successful stories. Tops in the morning in Houston and Miami radio, ultimately, I joined an old friend and bought a radio station in Santa Fe, NM, taking the station from "Worst to First" and leaving with over a million in my pocket. Sober and clean.

I wrote this book to give hope to those "functioning" alcoholics who may see a better way to find success in life, business and with their families. It is a HOW TO book in the sense that throughout the writing, I lead the way with what you have to do next.

The key in this book, is about the reader's ability to "reach deep" into his/her psyche to pull up the honesty it takes to win the battle over alcohol. More than anything, honesty is the key. Ultimately, that's what happened to me.