Enlightened Savage: Using Primal Instincts for Personal & Business Success

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By Anthony Hernandez

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Enlightened Savage: Using Primal Instincts for Personal & Business Success

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Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez was the Documentation Manager for the 3D software company Curious Labs and has authored over 30 technical manuals for diverse audiences. His publishing industry experience includes handling submissions for an agency, directing marketing for a small press, and being a publ More...



The Enlightened Savage is a remarkable book that combines anthropology, business, psychology, religion and common sense. This blend of disciplines helps readers learn to trust their instincts or better yet, use their instincts to best advantage. In the world of business, instincts have taken a back seat to logic, which is a shame because instincts are almost always more trustworthy than logic. When President George W. Bush was appointing his cabinet he invited one man, a Democrat, to join his Republican administration. This man, Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, wasn't sure whether or not to accept the invitation. So he turned for counsel to his five-year old son, asking, "What's more important, your heart or your mind?" His son immediately answered, "Your heart." Cohen then asked, "Why do you say that?" His son without hesitation explained, "Because your heart is never wrong." Author Anthony Hernandez makes the same case in this extraordinary book. He shows us exactly why we ought to trust our hearts, our instincts, and our primal parts. You may have never thought of yourself as a diseased monkey, but you will understand why Hernandez might view you in this way. With that understanding come other understandings gained by The Enlightened Savage, insights that many readers will find to be crucial in their quest for a happy, balanced and successful life.