George Washington's Legacy of Leadership

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By A Ward Burian

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

George Washington's Legacy of Leadership

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George Washington's Legacy of Leadership explores our first president's early development and evolution into a mature and profound military and political leader. We have much to learn from this remarkable man whose virtues are timeless. Washington emerges as one of the greatest leaders in American history and remains a model of virtue, discipline, courage and vision. His popularity and prestige grew from his declining of personal power and governing from deeply held convictions. When he voluntarily relinquished his powerful position as Commander in Chief, he was hailed by King George III as the greatest man in the world. When he declined a third term as president, he not only established a precedent but at the same time silenced his critics of his desire for a monarchy.
"Another book on George Washington? Yes, and a most valuable one. The whole book is excellent, well worth reading in full. Chapter 14, in particular, titled 'Washington's Relevancy Today, ' combines thoughts on today's leadership challenges with how Washington might have met them. This is a great book worth reading a second time.