Marry the Man of Your Dreams

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By Jade Brode

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Marry the Man of Your Dreams

ABOUT Jade Brode

Jade Brode
Jade Brode has spent years counseling women in the entertainment industry and business world who were successful in their chosen careers but failing with men. The women she worked with were overtly despondent as they watched their biological clocks ticking away. They credit Jade's ideas an More...



Marry The Man of Your Dreams describes the mind set needed to become a man magnet. It is a heart-to-heart about capturing the love and devotion of high achieving men. The author asks: Do the men you date come on strong and then seem to lose interest? Are you fed up with getting the same old results, over and over again? She responds: If you will get serious and read carefully, you definitely will give the next man you go out with "a run for his money." If you do the work, you can have a diamond ring on your finger in less than six months. Men must be allowed to be men! Whereas, women will be wise at least in the beginning to try and become more like The Mona Lisa. Alluring women, who are non-verbally self-assured, are inordinately attractive and intriguing to dynamic men. Become what he wants...and he will 'want' you.