Outrageous Business Growth: The Fast Track to Explosive Sales in Any Economy

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By Debbie Bermont

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Outrageous Business Growth: The Fast Track to Explosive Sales in Any Economy

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Debbie Bermont



Accelerate Your Sales In Any Economy! Outrageous Business Growth shows you how to be wildly successful and accelerate your sales in any economic climate. Debbie Bermont reveals the Business Success FormulaT that is timeless, universal and will work for you no matter which way the economy is headed. You'll get the simple language with a powerful message. This formula works for the start-up company, for someone who's been in business for years, for the sales professional who is trying to get more sales and for large corporations. The Business Success FormulaT helps .Start-up companies build a loyal customer base and become profitable in the first year. .Successful companies advance sales growth at an accelerated speed. .Floundering companies get back on track to market leadership. The three principles behind the formula are the same for every company. Once you understand how they work and put them into practice, you will see that the applications are universal and the impact on your sales will be incredible. "Debbie's formula is outrageous .but it works! It covers all the bases and really lays down the law of how to survive and grow your business in any economy." - Gayl Murphy, Author of Interview Tactics: How To Survive The Media Without Getting Clobbered! "Debbie Bermont has identified the three ingredients for business growth that will produce outrageously good results for you." -- Jim Cathcart, Author Of Relationship Selling "Debbie Bermont knows what is takes to put any company on the fast track to explosive growth." - Dian Thomas, Author of How To Get A Million Dollars Worth Of Free Publicity Debbie Bermont is a leading expert on helping businesses reduce their marketing costs whilesignificantly increasing their sales at an accelerated rate in any economic climate. For more than two decades Debbie has helped hundreds of clients across the world, from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, substantially increase their revenue and profits. Debbie is an international keynote speaker, author, and President of Source Communications, a marketing consulting firm. She is also a contributing writer to four other nationally published books and has been published in over hundred national and international publications and websites.