Premeditated Success in Life: The Power of Personal Vision

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By Scott Jackson

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Premeditated Success in Life: The Power of Personal Vision

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Scott Jackson
Scott Jackson makes his home in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with his wife Joyce and sons David and Will. A successful business owner, author, master sales trainer, and LifeSuccess consultant, Scott has personally mentored, coached, and assisted hundreds of clients and associates in More...



If you were to thoughtfully make a list of everything you love & value most in life, & another list of how you spend the majority your time, would those two lists be the same? For most people the answer is "no," but for the remarkably successful among us, the two lists are amazingly consistent.

PreMeditated Success in Life is about the process of closing the gap between what you really want in life & how your life is actually being consumed. The purpose of this book is to enable you to bring your Personal Vision of Success into crystal-clear focus--clarity of vision is what separates remarkably successful people from the masses & actually makes success unavoidable. You will discover that self-discipline occurs naturally once you make a decision to pursue that which you love & value most. The innovative approach to life leadership found in this book guarantees you the purist form of success--the pleasurable pursuit of that which we love & value most--right now, this very minute.