Public Domain Code Book: Your Key to Discovering the Hidden Treasures and Limitless Wealth of the Public Domain

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By Tony Laidig

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Public Domain Code Book: Your Key to Discovering the Hidden Treasures and Limitless Wealth of the Public Domain

ABOUT Tony Laidig

Tony Laidig



Imagine embarking on a fantastic journey-one of exploration and discovery-that will take you around the world to exotic locations and hidden portals. A journey that provides you with instant access to the secret wisdom of the ages...A journey that immerses you in incredible, breathtaking beauty...A journey that places you, the student of discovery, at the feet of the most brilliant minds from every imaginable field of expertise. Can you picture it? Now imagine being able to gain access to that limitless wisdom...boundless beauty...and inexhaustible knowledge...FOR FREE! And better still, what if you were given complete, undeniable permission to personally develop those treasures into any money-making opportunity you can imagine. No questions asked! No limitations! Talk about unlimited income potential! What would an opportunity of THAT magnitude be worth to you? Thousands of dollars? Tens of thousands? PRICELESS? Just think of it...right now: .You have your pick from over 85 million books, many written by the greatest authors to have ever walked the earth. .You have full rights to a private collection of art produced by the world's finest artists, illustrators and photographers. .You have the keys to a movie vault containing thousands of classics you know and love-all at your fingertips-from vintage movies to cartoons and documentaries. .You have unhindered access to the millions of reports, books, videos and images produced by our government every year at a cost of millions. All of it is waiting-hidden-like buried treasure...waiting to be discovered by someone with eyes to see the possibilities...the potential. This treasure is waiting for someone like YOU! Granted, you will need thecourage to believe that anything is possible. You will need a map that shows you where to look. And you will need an expert to train you how to see the hidden gems. Are you ready for X-ray vision? What I am describing is not some far-flung fantasy or pie-in-the-sky pipe dream. It is not a get-rich-quick back alley scam or even a high-level, complex secret reserved for geniuses and gurus. NO! What I am describing is the mostly undiscovered world of Public Domain. It is a world of hidden riches and forgotten secrets that would make the best tomb raiders and treasure hunters salivate with excitement. And your key to it all is "The Public Domain Code Book"! About the Author Tony Laidig is a researcher, a graphic artist, a photographer, a teacher, a publisher and a treasure hunter. He has worked in the Printing and Publishing industries for over 25 years-with the past 14 years spent working specifically as a graphic designer for the Publishing Industry. With over 500 book covers to his credit, Tony is now turning his design talents toward creating his own information products. The Public Domain Code Book is his first major project. Tony and his wife, Deborah, also serve as Directors of Healing the Land, a non-profit organization that addresses Native American issues through education, cultural presentations and publishing. Tony and Deborah's teenage daughters, Ashlea and Courtney, are also actively involved in all aspects of Healing the Land as well. The Laidig family resides in South-Central Pennsylvania.