Punk Marketing: Get Off Your A*s and Join the Revolution

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By Richard Laermer

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Punk Marketing: Get Off Your A*s and Join the Revolution

ABOUT Richard Laermer

Richard Laermer
Richard Laermer is CEO of RLM PR (RLMpr.com). A renowned speaker, he is author of seven books such as the bestseller "Full Frontal PR" and "2011: Trendspotting". He hosts "Taking Care of Business" on TLC and is a commentator on CNNMoney.com. He lives in New York--and on tons of airplanes.



The Marketing Revolution is here, so get on the right side of the barricade and become a part of it! Let's thank Mr. and Mrs. Consumer and their little Consumerlings who have seized power from the corporations and are now firmly in control. In Punk Marketing, Laermer & Simmons take an irreverent, penetrating look at the seismic change in the relationship between the people who sell stuff--products, services, entertainment--and those who purchase it. They demonstrate that to survive in business, a revolutionary approach is needed one they have branded "Punk Marketing"--and it's one we all need to understand, for the traditional divisions among commerce, content, and consumers are continuing to blur ever more rapidly. Never dull, sometime controversial, but always a lot of fun, Punk Marketing presents a manifesto for any businessperson needing to engage consumers--or any consumer seeking to understand and employ their newfound power.