Secret Gateway to Health: The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know for a Long Healthy Life

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By Flora Stay

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Secret Gateway to Health: The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know for a Long Healthy Life

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Flora Stay
FLORA STAY, DDS, holds a doctor of dental surgery degree from the University of California, San Francisco. She is the developer of Grace FibroSmile, a line of dental care products for those with fibromyalgia. She has appeared in "Prevention, Men's Health, Women's World, and the "New York T More...



Your Mouth Has a Lot to Say, Even if You're Not Talking. The mouth is one of the organs in the body that is the least understood by the general public, yet one of the most important. It effects our heart, our immune system, chronic illness such as diabetes, and makes an important impact on our self confidence. Dentist Flora Stay, felt it was time to help everyone, especially baby-boomers who are concerned about their health, to get a better understanding of the mouth connection to overall health. Having an integrative health approach, "Secret Gateway to Health" covers conventional treatment, alternative approaches and how to partner with your dentist to bring about health of your mouth. Dr. Stay, being an educator (professor at U.S.C. School of Dentistry), and a scientist, the book exposes fake treatments and debunks myths, yet recommends alternative treatments that do work. Even toothpaste is discussed and why many have a warning on the back.
Periodontal (gum) disease has been implicated in increase risk of heart disease, stroke, problem pregnancy and other conditions. From prevention to treatment at any age, Secret Gateway to Health explores many of these connections and offers practical solutions and options for oral health. -- Kevin Irons, D.M.D. Periodontist, Dental Management Consultant "Former Presiding Officer of Texas State Board of Dental Examiners"