Seeking Serenity

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By Pilar Stella

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Seeking Serenity

ABOUT Pilar Stella

Pilar Stella
Pilar Stella is a powerful author and dynamic woman--committed to social change and giving back. A graduate of Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health in International & Global Policy and Maternal and Child Health, Pilar has been committed to social justice, health, education, m More...



Seeking Serenity chronicles a curious little girl, Serenity, as she searches to find the meaning of her name. In her dreams, she meets up with 10 Nobel Peace Laureates and asks, "What is Peace?" Each Nobel Peace Laureates responds with one simple word that peace means to them. In this inspiring journey, Serenity teaches us to look within and aspire to inner and world peace.