Speaking Mastery: The Keys to Delivering High Impact Presentations

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By David Hutchison

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Speaking Mastery: The Keys to Delivering High Impact Presentations

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David Hutchison
One of David Hutchison's personal business principles is to "have fun, enjoy the process, raise the bar of what is possible, & lead by example." He began his career in personal development & training back in high school when his parents exposed him to self-help books, business seminars, &  More...



Presentations are more than speeches. They include meetings, sales calls, customer-service calls, pitches to acquire new clients or business, marriage proposals, job interviews, family discussions, and so on. If you are currently employed or considering entering or reentering the workforce, you will need to sharpen your presentation skills. Whether you meet with one, five, or a thousand people, you are making a presentation. Whether it's in person, or on the phone, or even on paper, you are making a presentation. If asked to deliver a toast at your brother's or sister's wedding, you are making a presentation. Speaking Mastery is your crash course in presentation success. Your strength in presentation will either catapult you to a more successful level or expose your lack of preparation and commitment to achieving higher standards. Speaking Mastery can provide you with the tools for success!
Having coached for the last 10 years and handed out the Heisman Trophy 3 times, it's apparent to me that in making presentations, the more you do them, the better you get. Through your step-by-step process, anyone can gain the necessary confidence to be successful in pubic speaking. Very well written! -- Jim Corcoran Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisory Group "Presenter: Heisman Trophy Trust - Morgan Stanley"