Wealth Secrets Revealed: Lunch with Gaffer

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By Sydney Tremayne

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Wealth Secrets Revealed: Lunch with Gaffer

ABOUT Sydney Tremayne

Sydney Tremayne
Sydney Tremayne is expert at explaining investment strategies in a straightforward, easy-to-understand and entertaining manner. He developed an interest in investing at an early age, describing himself as "stubborn enough to learn something about it." He became a successful stockbroker and More...



"So you want to make a million?" That's the first chapter heading. But it's not about some sleazy, get-rich-quick, crackpot scheme. It is the start of an unusual investment how-to book for beginners and intermediate investors that covers all the important steps for winning and keeping those winnings in investment markets. No guesses, crystal ball or stomach ulcers. Heaven forbid, the thing is even entertaining!