What's Your Number the Palmer Code: The Whole You Approach to Personal Transformation

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By Francis Palmer

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

What's Your Number the Palmer Code: The Whole You Approach to Personal Transformation

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Francis Palmer
Francis R. Palmer MD, creator of What's Your Number, is one of the most sought after plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the world. With private practices in Beverly Hills and London (94-200), celebrities and world leaders alike seek him out for his unique aesthetic vision and cutting-edge t More...



What if there were a way to measure your level of contentment; a life-fulfillment quotient if you will, and what if that level could be calculated using a mathematical algorithm that would yield a single number, your number, representing everything that makes you who and what you are? A single number, with 100 being ideal, that represents the way you appear to the outside world. Your number is an all encompassing number that includes the inner-you (your personality, inner light or essence) and the outer-you.

What's Your Number and the Palmer Code will help you make dramatic, sometimes life-altering changes by understanding the relationships that all the seemingly disconnected parts of your daily activities have with your appearance and vice versa. Inside, you'll learn the secrets of how to improve your mind, body, attitude, personal relationships, physical appearance and so much more by making simple, yet profound changes in the way you do the things you already do.

"In all my many years dressing Hollywood's Royalty & Celebrity Elite, I've never been as impressed as I am with Dr Francis Palmer's "What's Your Number" system. What's Your Number is a profound, visionary and highly effective method of making you look and feel your very best, inside and out. -- George Blodwell "Celebrity Stylist"