The Little Mornings

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By CM Albrecht

Publisher : Zumaya Publications

ABOUT CM Albrecht

CM Albrecht
A former investigator, author of seven crime novels: The Little Mornings, Marta's Place, The Albemarle Affair, The Reception and the Homicide Detective Steve Music Series:  Music, Evidence and Still Life with Music.


When an old drunk asks a drifter to pose as author of his best seller, the young man dives right in ... mindless of the rocks below.






The Little Mornings

By C. M. Albrecht

When an old drunk asks a drifter to pose as author of his best seller, the young man dives right in...mindless of the rocks below.



The Little Mornings, by C M Albrecht is a murder mystery with 262 absolutely absorbing pages. We have three main characters here - the grandfather, an alcoholic of questionable character, a slightly off balance woman (Angie) and an impressionable young man (Darcy) who becomes mixed up in a whirlwind of events. Murder, thievery and lies keep the unsteady relationship between Darcy and Angie on edge. Keeping a secret is no easy task, especially when someone else pops into the scene with inside knowledge to the truth. Darcy, unable to control the events, becomes another person entirely from the one we knew in the first few pages of the book. Perhaps because I am a writer, and this book has to do with the publishing industry, I am partial to the theme. Grandfather's description of a writer's methods to reach their creative dreams had me laughing out loud - because it was so true. As were the frustrated, aspiring writers and the over worked publishers. I felt the book was very realistic in this regard.

I loved the first few paragraphs - they really pulled me in. I kept hearing Humphry Bogart's voice in my head narrating the story as I read along. I sat on the edge of an uncomfortable plastic chair 2 days ago and opened the first page to begin reviewing The Little Mornings. I meant to take only a ten-minute break from my day to enjoy the sunshine. The next thing I knew, my leg and butt-cheek were both completely numb and lifeless? and I was on page 50! So be warned, readers, this book may very well take you out of commission for a few days. I could not wait to get back to it every minute I had to spare!


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