It's Keen To Be Green!

Children's Books

By Mary Bains-Fort

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ABOUT Mary Bains-Fort

Mary Bains-Fort
Mary Bains-Fort, Ph.D. is the executive director of NewLife Community Development Consulting. She along with her husband Bishop W.D. Fort, are the founders of NewLife Community Development Consulting, Inc., NewLife Family Worship Center, and NewLife Ministries and Services.  Dr. Mary,  More...



"It's Keen To Be Green!" is a children's book inspired by Dr. Mary's [Mary Bains-Fort] love for the environment and children. It is the story of a traditional nuclear family's effort to be responsibly "Green". The story is based on the natural curiousity of three children, siblings, regarding what happens to cans, bottles, plastics, waste and items when their intended use has expired. In addition, the parents of the children spend important time, teaching, modeling and practicing "Green Awareness". They demonstrate how to look after the planet for the future and how to teach other future generationers to be ecologically responsible. Together with the children they develop a slogan, "It's Keen To Be Green!" and encourage the children to teach their peers about "Green Awareness". The book would make a welcomed, entertaining, educational, easy-read for any primary reader.