One Aussie's Endeavours: Poetry Writings Lyrics Feelings


By Garry Gosney

Publisher : authorhouse

ABOUT Garry Gosney

Garry Gosney


This mans credentials, as a writer is very simple he's life, he's talent and desire to take what he had for years now written on he's website and make into a book. The website is under Many people have requested and hope this writer would one day take he's many writings and place them into a book. He has spent years developing he's website and the lyrics and music put on it,have been enjoyed by many, or have become regularly visitors to he's website over the last four years. He has been consistent in providing knew writings each month, and learning as he goes in all areas of website programs. Garry the writer: has been producing poems and writings for many years, and loved by many he's guest book is signed by those, whom he's writings have touched and they have signed he's book speaking words of hope and encouragement. The time has come for this talented man to take he's works and put them into a publication. And with all odds against the possibly he's has done it. Congratulations Garry

Some of the comments I have received


 Well! I just read your story or should I say your life story,

What an experience you are having,

I can’t believe that you could have been treated like you were,

Still you are going on though it hasn’t let it deter you in any way,

Love to you and god Bless you ... Yvonne. Australia


My friend you have done it again....

Wow the words you put down on paper are awesome and beautiful,

You have a gift and a talent,

Keep up the good work and Thanks for sharing this with me

Love you always your friend from the Yellow brick road state of Kansas.... Teresa


One of the best sites I have ever seen on the Internet.

This man writes from his heart and every word he has lived it.

 May all your dreams come true .A very good friend forever.

Keep up the good work never let your dreams go. Lavina. Ky


I love this site and proud it is an AUSTRALIAN ONE;

 I will send cards from your pages to all my pen pals around the world



ROSE   Sydney au.


That’s was just beautiful I always have liked the sounds and the wisdom of the Indians

Don’t know how to say it but you sure can send ones every time I love it

And I know they all come from the heart the words the meanings the sounds

Just as if you was trying to tell me something ... a friend usa


A Letter About The Author’s First Book

Hi Garry,
I finally get the chance to tell you my thoughts on your book –
One Aussie Endeavours
Firstly thank you for allowing me to read it -- although I still
have not read from front to back covers -
I have read many of the poems and stories in it. I find each
One so different to the previous one -
I feel - that I can feel your mood - if you are having a good or
bad day -- some poems are so deep, so sincere, and so true to life –
then there are the others that make me sad - because I feel
these are the dark days - the one that haunt you and it all
comes through in your work.

If I had to word this is a simple sentence -- it would go like
this " I feel I am reading your diary "(your name is not
mentioned - but the thoughts are so real - both the good and
The more articles I read - the more I want to read – never
knowing from one title to the next title what is coming next –
some titles give a hint - but its not till you read it from top to
bottom - do you take in the full extent of the work you have
put into this great book.
Once again thank you Garry for sharing these intimate
moments with us all - cause that is how I see this book of
your - your feelings of love, dreams, desire, lust, hate, distrust,
trust, lonely, fulfilled, happy and sad – and many more!!

Not only are the words special - so are the pictures - your
travels make this book just a little different to other poetry
books I have read.
Thank you Garry
Your friend always
Kate   -- Australia .