Bate cineva (Someone's Knocking)

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By Marius Benta

Publisher : Marius Benta

ABOUT Marius Benta

Marius Benta
Romanian writer and journalist. Wrote short stories, stage plays and short screenplays in both Romanian and English. Studied Sociology in Cluj (Romania) and Cork (Ireland). Worked for many years in radio and TV as news editor and presenter.



A one-act play in the absurdist genre in Romanian. Characters: two males and one female.

Piesa intr-un act cu doua roluri masculine si un rol feminin.

This play was written in 1994 or so. It was staged in 2009-2010 at Cluj city's Euphorion Studio, The National Theatre, by young Romanian director Dorin Boca, casting actors Anca Hanu, Miron Maxim, and Silvius Iorga; stage designer: Malina Mandru. Textul piesei a fost scris in 1994 si a fost montat pentru prima oara in stagiunea 2009-2010 la Teatrul National Cluj, Studioul Euphorion, de catre regizorul Dorin Boca. Distributia: Anca Hanu, Miron Maxim, Silvius Iorga. Scenografia: Malina Mandru.