Family tyme Don't Get Caught Up

General Fiction

By Pamela Hayes

Publisher : iunverse

ABOUT Pamela Hayes

Pamela Hayes
Pamela Joyce Hayes is a Harlem native, born and raised there.  She is the oldest out of three children born to John and Viola Hayes.  Pamela was a devoted wife for fourteen years, and has two beautiful sons. Pamela has been writing since she was nine years old.  She had a love for creat More...



Jade - 37 year old mother who is a loving wife. She loves her family, and in love with her husband. She wants her family to have the American dream the house with a fence, money in the bank, travel once a year for a family vacation and spending romantic times with her husband. Little does she know her family is about to lose life as they know it.

Jamaica - She enjoys sex and proud of it. She is not afraid to take risk and lives life on the edge. Jamaica knows how to please her man and does it at all cost. Her and her man Blue have chemistry that is on fire. She loves this man and will do any and everything to make sure she gives him as much pleasure she can. Until Blue goes to prison. Now what is a woman going to do while her man is on lock down. Is she going to stay and do this bid with him until its over. Or is all bets are off and it’s off to fine the next man.

Blue - six one dark brown sexy man from Harlem. He knows how to please the ladies. Romance, sex, and fun is what he lives for. Now his beautiful loving wife he will do anything for. She gave him his son and has been there for him since they were 13 years old. He loves her and she is a great mother to there son. Then you have his side piece Jamaica. Jamaica is hot, sexy, and beautiful. She is down for whatever and he can’t get enough of her. Little does Blue know he is about to get his freedom snatched right from under him. In his time of need who will be by his side. Will it be his beautiful wife Jade? Or will Jamaica the sex kitten he can’t get enough of. Let’s see which woman has what it takes to stand by his side while he goes through Family Tyme!

Pamela Joyce Hayes is a Harlem native, born and raised there. She is the oldest out of three children born to John and Viola Hayes. Pamela was a devoted wife for fourteen years, and has two beautiful sons. Pamela has been writing since she was nine years old. She had a love for creating stories on paper and she always dreamed of becoming an author. Pamela decided to put her story on paper when her now ex-husband was arrested in February 2003. This turned her family upside down. Pamela and her family were devastated. Her family did not know what to do and the prison system does not come with instructions. Pamela lost everything. Her and her family was hit with the harsh reality of life when one of your family members goes to prison. This story just shows how it is a struggle for the family to have to deal with prison life. In the book I used different fonts so the reader can tell which character is speaking. I did this because I know when I sometimes read books I can't tell which character is speaking at that time. To me that is very confusing. I wanted my readers to know which character is speaking. Also I believe the different fonts tell something about the characters. The font gives the characters more personality.


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Posted December 17, 2009, 8:56 PM EST: I was sucked in from the jump! The twists and turns of the plot was nothing short of amazing! I'm hook! Bring on book two!!!



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Posted December 17, 2009, 3:37 PM EST: I can't stop saying WOW! Pamela J Hayes is an amazing new author. This book is raw, romantic, funny, and an adventure. I read this story in one reading and passed it on. This book gives you a different angle about the prison system and the people that go to prison. I guess I never had to really think about people who go to jail but after reading this book it made me realize that these people are human and they have families that this effects in a way that is unreal. I felt the main character's pain, her hurt, her sorrow and her struggle. This is an excellent read and it gives you insight to a world that is really not to open to everyday people who live normal life. The book has a great twist that has you wanting more. I don't know about anyone else but I can't wait for book two to come to the book stores I will be first on line to purchase the book and find out what happened to the characters that I have become friends with and want to know where they are now in the new story.


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Family Tyme! Don't get caught up!

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Posted August 2, 2009, 2:21 PM EST: I love to read interesting books; whether it be fiction, non fiction, a cozy novel or a thriller. Family Tyme is a fiction book that allows the reader to experience the impact on a family when a loved one goes to prison. The characters are so real; I became so involved in Family Tyme, that I became each character as I read. The story takes different turns as it focuses on the many different phases that a loved one goes through as she/he tries to accept the new life that has been inherited. I recommend this book to anyone who has an individual in their life that they care about...Family Tyme can become your time!!!!!!!!!Don't Get Caught Up!!!!!!!