The Secret Life of Trees

General Fiction

By PD Allen

Publisher : Mountain Sentinel Publishing


PD Allen
PD Allen lives in a cabin in a remote section of the PorcupineMountains in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. His cabin is equipped with a hand pump to draw water. Electricity is provided by a bicycle hooked to a small generator. He spends his days hunting, fishing and foraging. He travels arou More...


The northern woodlands are home to many strange sights. Some say the ghosts of fallen forests haunt the region, while others say it is the ghosts of the lumberjacks who felled the ancient trees. A few speak of enchantments even more mysterious than ghosts, marvels of the fallen wilderness that linger, haunting woodlands and claiming the lives of solitary hunters or backpackers. Carl Landau will soon discover the truth behind these local legends.

Also in this volume, The Giant Killer. Five-year-old Rene DeClaire embarks on an adventure with fairies and a giant-killing dwarf.