The Legend of Witch Bane

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Kevis Hendrickson

Publisher : Outskirts Press, Inc.

ABOUT Kevis Hendrickson

Kevis Hendrickson


High Queen Rhiannon Eldess has placed the kingdom of Kaldan under a terrible curse. Only Kòdobos, Anyr, and Laris can save their people from a dark fate. Danger awaits the children as they face the queen's evil minions in their desperate quest to save their kingdom. To gain final victory the children must find Witch Bane, the magic sword which will give them the power to defeat Rhiannon once and for all! But a prophecy foretelling of the return of an ancient evil threatens to doom them all. It will take all their courage to survive the malevolent forces gathered against them. Will they fail or will they succeed? Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

I've always been a fan of fairy tales and classic mythology. Sadly, a new generation of children are being raised without being exposed to the old legends and tales I loved as a kid. This is terrible loss, because I feel the old fairy tales are as relevant to our technological age as they were to our ancestors. The Legend of Witch Bane introduces readers of all ages to the kind of fairy tales that were once a right of passage for young people. But like any good fairy tale, there are important life-lessons to be gained. If you love a good old-fashioned tale that is full of magic and adventure, then The Legend of Witch Bane is for you!

"Chivalry thrives in Kevis Hendrickson’s The Legend of Witch Bane. Three young siblings, born of royalty, become the only hope of saving an entire kingdom when evil pervades the landscape. A sorceress has placed a spell upon the people of Kaldan in retaliation for disobedience, forcing them into a deep slumber from which they cannot be awakened. Only Laris, Kòdobos, and Anyr, children of King Falinn, are immune to the charm and have the ability to seek aid. 

So it is with these events that the destiny of the people of Kaldan falls into the hands of the three children. Each weapon-wielding child possesses his or her own unique talents to contribute to the battle against the sorceress Rhiannon. The youngest, Anyr, has the patience and agility of an adult when using her bow and arrow. Kodobos is more impulsive, but as heir to the throne, he strives to become a great knight who will instill honor in his kingdom. As the oldest, Laris holds more knowledge about the dangers they will face, and uses her twin serpent swords with the adeptness of a master.

Though this is a children’s book ripe with magic and fantasy, there are some very serious threads running through the story. Much of the controversy centers on Laris, who is but half-sister to Kòdobos and Anyr, born of fairy blood. After her mother’s death, Laris was sent to live with her father, King Falinn, who didn’t even know of her existence. She is still in mourning and doubtful of her father’s love for her. Her many secrets will become evident as the story progresses, but her childhood is a tale of bigotry, ignorance, and deception. With this basis, Laris is also easily manipulated, which results in terrible consequences for the children.

The grandeur and pace at which the children flit from incident to incident is very reminiscent of Peter Pan. In one chapter, they might be outwitting a giant, while in the next, they’re battling werewolves or befriending dragons. In fact, Hendrickson has included nearly every mythical being ever found in literature and lore: dragons, fairies, giants, ogres, vampires, and many more. Popular fairy tales are woven into the story under a new guise. For example, The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe becomes Hazel, abusive housemother to hundreds of Kinderlings.

The events that transpire indicate there will be a sequel to The Legend of Witch Bane, which is good news. There are so many routes a sequel could take, and Hendrickson has already introduced some elusive antagonists. This will be an excellent series for young readers. The book is truly a tale of high adventure, and reminds children that being pure of heart is a virtue. The Legend of Witch Bane is classic literature for a modern audience."
—Sabrina Williams, Front Street Reviews