Lilly & Milly: Amigas 4 Life!

Children's Books

By Ashley Pereira

Publisher : Orgullo Publishing

ABOUT Ashley Pereira

Ashley Pereira



Lilly and Milly come together in this heart-warming fiction book that anyone can enjoy. Lilly is forced to move to the United States from Puerto Rico and Milly’s best friend, Estrella moved all the way to Texas. While Lilly wants to make new friends in her new school, Milly has had enough of losing friends. How these two opposites attract is not at all easy.  Find out why in this enriching story, which is just only the beginning of many more to come.

"A delightful book for young girls!" -

"With one foot proudly in the Puerto Rican culture and the other firmly planted in the emotional realms of preteen girlhood, it will be exciting to see this likable series evolve." - The Women's Times