Harriet Murphy: A Little Bit of Something

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By Janet K Brennan

Publisher : Casa de Snapdragon Publishing Company

Harriet Murphy: A Little Bit of Something

ABOUT Janet K Brennan

Janet K Brennan
Janet K. Brennan: AKA J. B. Stillwater, is a writer and poet who lives in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband, Arthur, and a great gray cat named Amos. Her short stories and poetry have been published around the world. Most recently, " More...



Come in, enjoy a cup of coffee, and sit a spell with Harriet Murphy as she regales you with her tales of family, life, and love in the early 1900's in the former gold mining town of Old Pine near Lake Tahoe in Northern California. This is a period in U.S. history of great mechanical and cultural inventions as well as a time for women attempting to gain their well deserved right to vote. Her tales revolve around a woman living alone in the hills of the Sierra Nevada with her horse, Pager, and a myriad of other wonderful and colorful characters. Her humble abode is the log cabin that her father built for her family soon after he came across the country in the great gold rush of 1849. Although he never struck it rich in the mines, he found it a unique, yet ideal, place to live and care for his wife and daughter, Henrietta.