Kincade's Blood

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By Michael Chandler

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

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Michael Chandler



"A quick and satisfying read for fans of Western fiction." --American Cowboy "If you like your Western heroes to be good and the bad guys to be utterly despicable, this one delivers." --Historical Novels Review "[It] has complexities and levels, twists and turns, but, at its heart, it's simple. It's about morality and adventure." --Glenwood Springs (CO) Post Independent Raised by an old Indian, Kincade knows one thing about living in the deserts of the lawless Old West. He knows how to survive. The Indian taught Kincaid how to destroy evidence of a camp and how to hunt and shoot a rifle. Now, Kincade is one of the best gunfighters in the West, but there's one-only one-that can match his prowess, the fierce Wil Logan. Logan is an abomination, and his hatred for Kincade goes back to their childhood and a secret Kincade has yet to figure out. As Kincade struggles to understand his past, Logan hunts down the people Kincade loves, burning down their farms and torturing anyone who calls Kincade a friend. Kincade knows that he cannot run any longer, and it's time for him to confront his past, face Logan, and see which man survives. From Proud Cat saloon where his beautiful Josephine waits to the deep and dangerous Dry Head Canyon, Kincade must travel long and hard to overcome the ruthless Logan. His journey takes him far in Indian legend, into the meaning of friendship and brotherhood, and into a secret that even Kincade might not be ready to believe. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Michael Chandler is an avid Old West stunt gunfighter. A former assistant chief of police for the Aspen Police Department, he is the president of the Chandler Marketing Company. He is the author of Dreamweaving: the Secret to Overwhelming your Business Competition and The Littlest Cowboy's Christmas, both published by Pelican.