Solace of Nature, The: A Photographer's Journey

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By John Kemp

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

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John Kemp



"The images are arresting and beautiful. There is a calmness to Sims' compositions, even those that show predation, that reflects her spiritual journey." --The Baton Rouge Advocate Photography began as a hobby for Julia Sims, but the tragic deaths of her mother, father, and brother led her to search for a means of healing from her grief. Sims eventually learned that the only time she was able to feel at peace from her loss was when she was in nature, camera in hand. Sims' craft guided her through her recovery, and her beautiful pictorial artistry comes alive on every page. With amazing clarity, each image evokes in the reader a sense of Sims' inner turmoil and the peace and harmony she found in the beauty of the natural world. Sims has photographed environments all over the world. From Alaska to Africa, Utah to Louisiana, her collections span the landscapes and wildlife of many climates and settings. In Africa, she finds a new world filled with mystery and hope. Photographs such as those of a solitary monkey sitting in a tree and a freshly roused lion are keen examples of Sims' unique view. Images of a rainbow perfectly centered above a pair of pine trees at dusk in Ontario and the beauty of the red rock landscapes of Utah call to mind the tranquility that Sims so eagerly sought. The elusive subtlety of serenity is acutely captured in this collection of images. Sims' unique eye for nature and photography and John R. Kemp's masterfully written dialogue make it easy to see how one can find solace in nature's beauty. ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER Julia Sims is a premier wildlife photographer. Her work has appeared in virtually every nature magazine, including National Geographic, National Wildlife, Nature Conservancy, Sierra, Birder's World, and Ducks Unlimited. Her photography can also be found in Manchac Swamp: Louisiana's Undiscovered Wilderness and Vanishing Paradise: Duck Hunting in the Louisiana Marsh, both published by Pelican. ABOUT THE AUTHOR John R. Kemp, a native New Orleanian, is the correspondent for Art & Antiques and ARTnews magazines and a frequent contributor to American Artist magazine. He has written about art, history, and New Orleans for many other national and regional magazines and publications. His numerous books include Rolland Golden: The Journeys of a Southern Artist, Alan Flattmann's French Quarter Impressions, and Vanishing Paradise: Duck Hunting in the Louisiana Marsh, all published by Pelican. He also has contributed chapters for several books, covers the New Orleans art scene for WYES New Orleans public television, and is deputy director of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.