Prizewinning Political Cartoons: 2008 Edition

Excerpts & Samples

By Dean Turnbloom

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

ABOUT Dean Turnbloom

Dean Turnbloom



"A strong editorial cartoon shines a blinding light on political buffoonery and social injustice. We have the most satisfying job in the world." -Walt Handelsman, Newsday "Pelican Publishing continues its tradition of promoting political discussion through cartoons." --Publisher's Weekly This anthology presents the top editorial cartooning awards of the year along with the year's winners. Featured awards include: " The Pulitzer Prize " National Headliner Award " Sigma Delta Chi Award " Thomas Nast Award " Robert F. Kennedy National Journalism Award " John Fischetti Award " Clifford K. and James T. Berryman Award " The Herblock Prize " The Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award Notable figures associated with the awards are highlighted in each chapter. Included are Joseph Pulitzer, famous for his work in elevating the standards of the publishing industry, and Thomas Nast, who was considered by many to be the "Father of the American Political Cartoon." Nast is also known for illustrating the commonly accepted version of Uncle Sam, the elephant to represent the Republican Party, and the donkey to represent the Democrats. ABOUT THE EDITOR Dean Turnbloom has cartooned all his life, but it was not until he retired from the navy that he began having his work published. Long an admirer of editorial cartooning, Turnbloom has had his cartoons published in newspapers large and small as well as online. Some examples are USA Today and