I Spy in the Texas Sky

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By Deborah Kadair

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

I Spy in the Texas Sky

ABOUT Deborah Kadair

Deborah Kadair



From the state flower to the state flying mammal, author and illustator Deborah Ousley Kadair celebrates her love of the Lone Star State in this colorful tribute to Texas's most famous state symbols. With clever rhymes and her trademark collage illustrations, this what-am-I guessing game teaches young children about seven important state symbols and instills in them Kadair's passion about Texas heritage. Kadair re-creates the vast Texan sky on the page, and readers use her clues and the shape of the clouds to discover what symbol she describes. She incorporates information on the adoption of the state symbols, including the monarch butterfly. This species of butterfly became the state's official insect in 1995 after the urging of local students. With fun facts about each state symbol, "I Spy in the Texas Sky" is a perfect way to invite children to learn about Texas.