Southern Nation, The: The New Rise of the Old South

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By R. Thornton

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

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R. Thornton
A former member of the Arkansas National Guard, R. Gordon (Rob) Thornton attended the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and Monticello, specializing in soil science. He is now a representative of the Arkansas Department of Health, working to protect the environment and the public heal More...



The American South as a captive nation? Yes, just like Poland and the other former Soviet satellites. The South with a right to nationhood, separate from the rest of the United States? Yes, with just as much right to break away and determine its own destiny as the thirteen original colonies had to exist separately from England. The faint of heart will object to this idea. Today's politically correct, indoctrinated citizen will say that the war settled all of this more than one hundred years ago, but is the Southern Nation really dead? No! Blending both historical and contemporary social observations with stubborn activism, The Southern Nation: The New Rise of the Old South is the definitive primer on Southern nationalism--the political drive to preserve the social, religious, political, and cultural traditions of the Southern people. Southern nationhood is practical, as well as possible! This important new book explores how to reclaim the Southern birthright by developing Southern nationalism in the community and the four principles that Southerners must realize and embrace before they can fulfill their destiny as an independent people.