Why the Crawfish Lives in the Mud

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By Johnette Downing

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

Why the Crawfish Lives in the Mud

ABOUT Johnette Downing

Johnette Downing
Johnette Downing is an award-winning, internationally recognized singer/songwriter who performs original children's music inspired by her Louisiana heritage. Her many accolades include six Parents' Choice Awards, three iParenting Media Awards, an Imagination Award, among others.



A long time ago, when Crab and Crawfish were still best friends, Crawfish was feeling particularly lazy--and particularly hungry-as he loafed around the muggy bayou. When Crab arrived with a fish, Crawfish took one listen to his empty belly and decided to trick his good-natured friend. After Crab realizes Crawfish has made a fool of him again, he isn't happy, and before he knows it, Crawfish gets exactly what he deserves. A charming tale cautioning children about the consequences of cheating your friends, this colorful picture book from the critically acclaimed Johnette Downing will delight readers of all ages with its timeless and gentle lesson about integrity. Lively collage-style illustrations, a glossary of Cajun words and phrases, including entries such as "cher" (dear or friend) and "beaucoup" (much), and a list of crawfish "fun facts" make this book an irresistible read.