Build Your Own Brand

Excerpts & Samples

By Doug Dvorak

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

Build Your Own Brand

ABOUT Doug Dvorak

Doug Dvorak
Doug Dvorak is the founder and CEO of Dvorak Marketing Group, Inc. He is a certified sales trainer, management consultant, and corporate humorist. He holds an M.B.A. in marketing management from Century University in Century, New Mexico. He is an active member of the National Speakers Asso More...



"Doug Dvorak hits the bull's eye with Build Your Own Brand. If you want to learn the secrets of how to promote YOU, INC., then read this book." -Ken Wyrick, vice president of sales, Eventra Software Corporation "Successful, useful personal branding advice from someone who understands what it takes to excel in business today." -Roger Dawson, author, Secrets of Power Negotiation Doug Dvorak, a nationally recognized corporate executive and marketing guru, exposes several tips and tricks commonly used by expensive PR firms. In a fast-paced market where consumer decisions hinge on trust and reliability, repeated exposure is essential. With savvy marketing techniques, powerful networking tactics, and an attractive and functional Web site, every business or individual will be able to manage promotional efforts as well as any hired gun. Your product, your service, and your personality deserve a prominent place in the public eye, and establishing a strong brand will make you stand out among the competition. Dvorak shows you how in this accessible and compact manual. This introductory guide presents a thorough business strategy that can be easily adapted to any type of industry. Quizzes, history, and humor are combined to simplify the vast undertaking of brand development. Demonstrating simple, affordable, and effective ways to maintain a brand, the author takes you step by step from building a reputation and designing a Web site to generating a continual buzz in the media.