Chest Pain: When and When Not to Worry

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By Albert Miller

Publisher : Selfhelp Success Books

ABOUT Albert Miller

Albert Miller
Albert J. Miller, M.D., is board certified in cardiovascular medicine and is in the clinical practice of cardiology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. He is also a professor of clinical medicine (cardiology) at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. Miller i More...



The sensation of throbbing or soreness in the upper body can be misdiagnosed by physicians as well as patients. Internal organs generate a diffused pain that is difficult to localize. When a perceived case of indigestion turns out to be a heart attack, the importance of addressing each painful sensation becomes apparent. Doctors have access to journals and articles explaining the origins and conditions symptomatic of chest pain; however, it is hard for those not in the medical community to decipher this medical jargon. After much encouragement from his own patients, Albert J. Miller saw the need for a layman's volume. Anyone who has a family history of heart disease, an existing heart condition, or is aging will benefit from this quick reference. The heart is not the only cause of chest pain. Muscles, bones, and other internal organs can generate sensations similar to those experienced with heart complications. Aching and tenderness can be caused by the trachea, bronchi, stomach, lungs, or emotional stress. With diagrams and simplified terms, Miller illustrates different kinds of chest pain and advises on when to seek medical treatment. Oftentimes when pain is ignored, the seemingly minor problem can have fatal consequences. These lifesaving tips are priceless in terms of overall wellness. Miller stresses that this book should not be used in place of a physician visit but rather as a useful resource that will help people assess the potential severity of their pain. He hopes that by being more aware of the nature and variety of pain, people will be able to seek the appropriate treatment in a timely manner.