Pageant of Medieval England, The

Excerpts & Samples

By Francis James

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

ABOUT Francis James

Francis James
Dr. James was professor and chairman of the Department of History at Newcomb College, Tulane University. His previously published works include North Country Bishop and Ireland in the Empire, 1688-1770 .



This book eloquently combines literary merit and human interest with meaningful historical evidence. Compiled by Francis Godwin James, this volume introduces the main currents of medieval English life through historical and literary sources from Bedeis Account of the Council of Whitby and of Cademon (731) to Froissartis Account of the Peasantsi Revolt (1410). The Pageant of Medieval England covers many varying topics, including Anglo-Saxon England, Medieval monastic life, the life of the feudal aristocracy, popular medieval religion, and the disintegration of medieval society. Neither a collection of documents nor one of modern interpretive essays, these selections provide a basic understanding of the values of the medieval world, with each portion conveying a distinct impression. Introductory and explanatory remarks set the stage for each selection.