Newcomb Pottery and Its Crafts

Excerpts & Samples

By Suzanne Ormond

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

Newcomb Pottery and Its Crafts

ABOUT Suzanne Ormond

Suzanne Ormond
Suzanne Ormond, a native of New Orleans and longtime civic leader, was a potter craftsman and the owner of a pottery-manufacturing business prior to her death in February 2004. She became interested in the crafts of the Newcomb style while a student of the late Katherine Choi at the Newcom More...



In this comprehensive and authoritative history, the artistic legacy of Newcomb College comes to life. Decorated with stately magnolias, southern pines, and live oaks, the pieces produced by the women of Newcomb during the first half of the twentieth century represent some of New Orleans' most iconic and distinctive art. Established as an institution to foster financial independence for its female student body, Newcomb has turned out thousands of pieces of internationally celebrated pottery and other crafts. In new, gorgeous, full-color photography, this collection showcases the century-old heritage of Newcomb pottery, needlework, metal, leather crafts, jewelry, bookbinding, block printing, and calligraphy. Featuring a foreword by former New York Times art critic and Newcomb art student and director John Canaday, the volume details the biographies of the directors, ceramists, and craftsmen as it traces the history of the Newcomb arts movement. With the inclusion of the artisans' ciphers, the authors enable collectors to identify and authenticate Newcomb crafts. The legacy of the Newcomb art movement endures in this celebration of artistry, feminine ingenuity, and New Orleans history.