Josh's Halloween Pumpkin

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By Kathryn Lay

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

Josh's Halloween Pumpkin

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Kathryn Lay
Kathryn Lay is a full-time writer and instructor. She has taught writing classes at and regularly speaks to libraries, schools, bookstores, and at writers' conferences. Her book Crown Me! has been awarded the 2004 Best Juvenile Book from the Oklahoma Writers'  More...



Josh's little sister Callie is probably the sweetest girl in the whole county, but no one loves her more than her big brother. When Josh finds a giant pumpkin on Grandpa Frank's farm, the two agree to keep it a secret from Grandpa's prospective buyers. It is the biggest pumpkin that Callie has ever seen, and Josh tells the four year old stories about magic pumpkins. With such a big pumpkin, Josh will surely be crowned Harvest Festival King and get to ride in the biggest float in the parade. As the Harvest Festival nears, Callie wanders off and gets lost in the woods. She's scared of the dark, but she was never afraid of the pumpkins. Josh's clever idea about how to find his sister means he will have to give up his magic pumpkin and any chance of being crowned king. The whole town is united in this heartwarming fall story.