My Trip to Washington, D.C.

Excerpts & Samples

By JoAnn Polley

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

ABOUT JoAnn Polley

JoAnn Polley
An avid reader and world traveler, JoAnn Polley, a former scuba instructor, operates a graphic design studio, Infinite Ideas & Designs, and is president of the Orlando chapter of Business and Professional Women. She is also the author of My Trip to New York and My Trip to Gettysburg, both  More...



This interactive guide to our nation's capital brings the history of the United States to life for young visitors. A one-page entry for sixty-seven of Washington D.C.'s most popular attractions will help families decide where to go next. Short descriptions and pictures of each site remind children to visit the O. Orkin Insect Zoo at the National Museum of Natural History, watch the five-story IMAX movie To Fly at the National Air and Space Museum, and ride a high-wheeler bike at the National Museum of American History. The capital city offers a wealth of activity and discovery for kids, and this guidebook captures every part by allowing them to carry their adventures with them wherever they go. Journal entries throughout the book capture a child's thoughts and feelings about each monument, museum, and gallery. Parents will enjoy reading their children's answers to questions about whether they would like to learn to scuba dive after seeing the feeding frenzy at the National Aquarium or what their first reaction was when they saw the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives and Records Administration. Interior pockets are included so that children will be able to save their original brochures, ticket stubs, and maps, and an index in the back of the book provides a listing of each site along with phone numbers for easy reference. A treasured keepsake for parents and children alike, this book will help them remember their first impression of Washington, D.C. no matter how often they return.