No Vacancies, A Collection of Short Stories, Volume 1

ABOUT Lucien Black

Lucien Black
Two years ago, Lucien, with the backing and support of his wife, began re-writing his comic book scripts into short stories and thus No Vacancies, Vol. 1 was developed. Black currently resides in Orange County, Ca with his wife and children. He is currently working on the next volume of N More...



In No Vacancies, Vol 1., Lucien Black offers up four action packed short stories that both fiction readers and comic book fans alike will love. 

Taking queues from the serials of old, Black uses the concept of serialized fiction to deliver a unique set of stories.  In One More Sunday, Detective Sam Arkwright attempts to put together the missing pieces of a murder; the victim being one of the city’s renowned super heroes, The Protector.

Black offers a taste of horror with his tales, Outcast and Devotion. Set in Black’s fictional city Hudson, NY, a serial killer is leaving behind mutilated bodies and the police are baffled. A mysterious man, named Nathaniel has followed the trail to Hudson, but is he there to help or is he simply an Outcast? In Devotion, Dr. Alastair Cromwell struggles to resurrect his late wife, Annette. Will he succeed and at what cost?

 In part 1 of the action adventure tale, High Stakes, we are introduced to a louse of man named Jack Ander. Abused by his father; branded a coward. Is he destined to be a hero?
Amazon Review:
Edge of your seat thrillers
, December 10, 2008
Lucien Blacks collection of short stories is entertaining to say the least. His story lines are fascinating and intense. He guides you down a path of visual adventure which I couldn't help but access my creative mind, drawing my own interpretation of the characters and the conflicts they faced from chapter to chapter.

These stories were originally penned for the comic book genre which actually helped a typical non-fiction reader like myself stay glued to it's pages.

Great stories...Great book...Waiting for more...