Story of a Disastrous Internet Romance

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By Svetlana Repina

Publisher : Createspace

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Svetlana Repina
Author of a memoir



Natalia, a young Russian woman arrives to the USA to build a family with her new husband, Carlos. After she arrives to the states, Natalie realizes that Carlos lied to her about his life in the USA. As he forces her to sign against multiple loans, she watches in terror that Carlos uses other people's identities to fabricate documents.Will she be responsible for his crimes? Natalie's journey is unforgettable.

Story of a Disastrous Internet Romance unfolds as a powerful and mesmerizing tale. The heroine, Natalia, a young Russian woman who dares to dream of a better life, is one that will stay in the reader's memory for a long, long time. The American she weds, Carlos, is quite unforgettable also, but for polar opposite reasons. Ms. Repina's work should be required reading for anyone considering internet - and especially international - romance. The reader watches in horror as the predator within Carlos becomes visible. I've read this book twice now, and each time, could not put it down, reading it straight through in one sitting, even after I knew what happened. The insights Ms. Repina shares into her own homeland are immensely thought-provoking, and seeing America through her eyes - from before and after Natalia arrives, provokes even more thought!