Well of Constant Despair

General Fiction

By Glenn Stuart

Publisher : Black Leaf Publishing

ABOUT Glenn Stuart

Glenn Stuart
Glenn Stuart, this writer of paranormal thrillers born in Wallasey on the Wirral, U.K., tells us he left school with little idea as to what he wanted to do in life.  Since then however, after a diversity of occupations, he finally obtained a place at Liverpool University Teacher Train More...



Anyone who has already read “Cold Hell in Darley Dene” by this erudite Author and enjoyed it, will surely be thrilled by “The Well of Constant Despair” (previously published as “The Well of Despair”)
for Glenn Stuart has surpassed himself with this tale centred around a teenage boy’s discovery of an old disused Well in what was once a leper field.   From the start he manages to create a shivery atmosphere in which to cloak the reader throughout as he builds up the suspense chapter by chapter.

Particularly spooky is his delivery of the contents of some old papers penned by an Arthur Farrington Cunningham to his wife in circa 1819, which go some way towards explaining the ghostly presence of the spirit of  Ignatia, once a wandering Christian monk now intent upon seeing a stolen Cross is rightfully restored to the Monks of Saint Ignatia’s Well in order to return peace to the place.  This piece is so well written that if one allows the imagination to take over, one has to stop to take a breath before continuing to read on. 

A truly fascinating tale exceptionally well written and compiled, and of appeal to anyone who likes a mysterious ghost story subtly wrapped and presented with believable characters, giving rise to wondering whether in fact it is pure fantasy – or could it possibly have some factual foundation? Read it and make up your own mind.