Millennium Of Miracles


By Partha Choudhury

Publisher : Black Leaf Publishing

ABOUT Partha Choudhury

Partha Choudhury
With long-held ambitions of becoming a full-time writer Partha Choudhury, a Psychiatrist by profession, has now produced his first book of poems entitled “Millennium of Miracles”.  Having had an interest in literature and culture since early  More...



Life with all its passions, soul-searching, nuances and questions is reflected in this charming book of Poems by Dr. Partha Choudhury.  Cleverly written, with some comprising but few words; they transfer hope and faith above all else, whilst touching on many subjects.  A veritable kaleidoscope of words skilfully compiled with much meaning behind them and hidden depths; they are profound and stirring, guaranteed to generate response from any but the most soulless of readers.

Easy to read, ideal to pick up and put down, “Millenium of Miracles” is not only entertaining but  thought-provoking, and generating much reflection if read, in some instances, ‘between-the-lines’. There is much more behind some of the writings than will occasionally appear to the naked eye.

The Author, who has already had some work published in Children’s magazines, tells us this is his first book of poems. He is currently working upon his second book of poems, whilst awaiting publication
of his book on  self-help therapy.

“Millennium of Miracles” would be a proud addition to grace any library shelf and we trust we shall be seeing much more of this erudite writer in the future.