Ghosts of Central Arizona


By Heather Woodward

Publisher : Schiffer Publishing, LTD

ABOUT Heather Woodward

Heather Woodward
Heather Woodward is an author, a clairvoyant, an “accidental” medium, and a psychometrist. Since 1996, she has performed tarot readings, paranormal investigations and psychic profiling - helping others with her born-given gifts for over 12 years.

Heather is the author of Gh More...



Take a ghostly road tour of Central Arizona. Ghoulish legends and the author's personal experiences make for an entertaining — and sometimes scary — trip.

Visit the Jeroe Grand Hotel and stay in one of their "Death Rooms." Travel through vortexes at Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon. Learn about the ghost sightings at the Chapel of the Holy Cross and, if you get hungry, the Haunted Hamburger serves up a good ghost tale.

From Superstition Mountain to Flagstaff, with just a touch of "Hollywood in Arizona" legend thrown in for good measure, you will experience Central Arizona's ghost stories. So come along for the ride … if you dare.