Surviving Unemployment Devotions To Go

ABOUT Marietta Taylor

Marietta Taylor
Marietta (Mari) Taylor resides in Raleigh, NC with her husband of seventeen years and her two teenage daughters. The move from Chicago, IL to Raleigh proved a breeding ground for dusting off her dream of writing. Mari is the author of Devotions to Go …Surviving Unemployment and Girlfrien More...



Surviving Unemployment Devotions to Go Positive Advice for a Negative Situation is a 31-day devotional that provides encouragement and practical advice to women who are facing the effects of either their own or their spouses’ unemployment.

This is not a Pollyanna devotional. It tackles the specifics of day to day living through tough issues, such as handling anger, finding new ways to generate cash flow, and preparing for an extended job search.

After moving to North Carolina my husband job transfer fell through. We had no support system in Raleigh so we were "alone" in this situation. For the next 2 1/2 years he was either unemployed or underemployed. I had no intention of ever writing about our experience but God would not leave me alone about it. Each devotion tells a story from our life during that time and is followed by a brief "apply it to your own life" page. Unemployment is a tough situation and if telling my family's story encourages someone and helps them hang on, then the book has done its job!