To Everything there is a Season: A Guide to Starting Over

ABOUT Gwendolyn Noles

Gwendolyn Noles
Gwendolyn Noles is a writer of literary non-fiction and romantic fiction. Her work is currently available via Kindle and Smashwords.


Gwendolyn Noles' second book, "To Everything there is a Season," picks up where "A Season in Hell" left off and grows in force and intensity. The profoundly positive message of this second book is one of endurance, strength and personal evolution. Though her first book dealt expressly with her drug addiction and incarceration, the lessons she learned through that ordeal are applicable for anyone who is in a situation where a crisis necessitates a change.

With potency and certainty, Noles provides tangible life lessons that should be read by anyone struggling with personal difficulties and looking for a way to start over.

Gwendolyn Noles is a potent new voice in the field of prescription addiction and recovery. With her first book A SEASON IN HELL, she examines the downward spiral of drug abuse she underwent after getting hooked on Xanax. The journey is Odyssean in its magnitude and she comes out of it stronger and with a voice that is right for the time in which we live. With her second book TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON: A GUIDE TO STARTING OVER, Noles' voice grows stronger and she offers in a no-holds-barred style the lessons she learned that allowed her to evolve after she lost all her worldly things. She makes it clear that what she gained in the process--the wisdom and strength to go on--are of greater value than what she lost. She offers heartfelt and strong words to those seeking direct, tangible answers about how to start anew after bad circumstances.