By Alex Roissetter

Publisher : SilverWood Books

ABOUT Alex Roissetter

Alex Roissetter
Alex Roissetter joined the Army at the age of sixteen and did his basic training at Arbourfield Army Technical Foundation College. In 2004 he finished trade training at Blandford, Dorset and the following year was posted to 2 Signal Regiment, 214 Signal Squadron, Yorkshire.

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Read a new war poet’s first steps into poetry, as Lcpl Alex Roissetter flourishes into a fully published poet and tries to explain what it's like to be a junior soldier on tour.

50p from sale of this book will be donated to Help For Heroes. 

In the middle of tour in Afghanistan something happened... a soldier found his inner muse and started to write poetry about his experiences. Lcpl Alex Roissetter’s writing gained momentum and rhythm with each poem, until finally he came home. Eight months later he was back out on tour – except this time it was Iraq.  Still the poems flowed onto the paper.