Burning Bridges

General Fiction

By Shiloh J. Manley

Publisher : Tiki Press

ABOUT Shiloh J. Manley

Shiloh J. Manley
Shiloh J. Manley was born in Alberta Canada in the late 1940's. Raised on a farm with her parents and three brothers, the family worked hard to make a living. Her father, aunts and many other senior citizens told her stories of the one room school house, and all the different happening More...



Reading. Writing. Romance. Rage.

Water Valley, Montana, 1896. Jenny's hasty decision had changed her life from that of a pampered heiress, active in the social circles of Boston to an independent woman working as a school teacher in a small western town.

Who could have guessed that the quick mind and fresh ideas of the new school teacher would cause one man to fall madly in love with her and another to go mad with murderous hatred?

Teaching in a one room school house and living in a cabin would prove to be more challenging than Jenny could ever have imagined. This year on the frontier would be the making or breaking of a young socialite who had burned all her bridges behind her.