Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Mary Statham

Publisher : Tiki Press

ABOUT Mary Statham

Mary Statham
Mary Statham lives in Kelowna BC Canada with a baby grand piano and an enormous family of books. She keeps an assortment of favourite humans around for variety's sake.



Rosanna has lived an ordinary life in an ordinary world, and she stopped looking for fairies in the garden when she was nine. But it turns out that 'please' isn't the only magic word after all, and Granny Rosie has been keeping secrets. Rosanna is heir to a Library containing Words of great power and possibility. In the shadows of the Monashee Mountains there is someone with a darker secret than Granny's, and an insatiable appetite for the magic that Rosanna can hardly believe exists.

If Rosanna ever hopes to get her ordinary life back, she's going to have to do and Say some extraordinary things