Fallen Embers

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance, General Fiction

By Lauri Owen

Publisher : Pearlsong Press

Fallen Embers

ABOUT Lauri Owen

Lauri Owen
Lauri Owen is a civil rights lawyer who has written, published and
presented her share of nonfiction, but she is brand new to the fiction world.

Lauri, who grew up in Idaho's Treasure Valley, started reading fantasy novels in the third grade, and other than taking tim More...



Was it the unnatural flame that transported Kiera and her nephew to an
alternate, feudal Alaska one snowy afternoon, or did the strange dog’s
attack have something to do with it? All she knows is that now they are
here, in an icy land ruled by a class of decadent mages who have
enslaved the shapechanging, indigenous peoples.

Kiera soon finds herself entangled in a fight to save three children from
an invading army. Who ordered the army to attack innocent children?
How does she fit into local politics? On whose side should she fight?
Whom can she trust: Marco, the young mage she saves, or Laszlo, the
slave captain of Lord Vayu’s army?

And why can Kiera suddenly summon fire? Is it really based on
astrology, of all things? Does this mean she is also a mage, and if so, can she live a life of leisure in this brutal land, knowing her comfort rests
on a system of slavery?

Before she can find her way home, Kiera must learn more about the
local systems of magic and about her own powers. Kiera’s path leads
her deeper into Alaska, to joy and to heartbreak, and choosing to follow
her heart may cost her everything.