The Amulet: A Faedra Bennett Custodian Novel

ABOUT Alison Pensy

Alison Pensy
I was born and raised in England and grew up near a medieval city called Norwich, which is where much of the inspiration for my books comes from.  I have traveled extensively and the experiences and inspiration gained from that are priceless.  Moving to the States in 2001, I started out More...



To seventeen-year-old Faedra, faeries were nothing more than the figurines she collected and displayed in her curio cabinet.  She was in for the surprise of her life. 


Faedra had no idea that faeries controlled nature, and with a book no less.  Nor did she know that her descendants had protected an ancient fae amulet for thousands of years.  An amulet that if ever was reunited with the book would give the wearer power to control the weather, too.  She didn’t know all this because the one person to teach her died when she was just six years old.  Well, now it was time for her to find out…


A letter from the grave reveals her true identity the day of her eighteenth birthday.  But she barely has time to digest the revelation when she is plunged into a fight for her life and that of mankind.  The day after she turns of age, crops and plant life start dying.  Faedra fears the worst that the book has been stolen and now someone or something is after the amulet and willing to kill her to get it, for while alive she is the only one who can control it.  Faedra is surprised to learn that the church, in the sleepy English village where she lives, holds a gateway to the Fae realm.  She and her loyal dog, who himself is full of surprises, must journey through realms, find the book, and attempt to avert a catastrophic disaster that could wipeout mankind.

The inspiration for this book arose because of an urban legend surrounding the church where I grew up. The same church that is in my book. The legend goes that if you walk around the church 3 times at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, you disappear. I thought wouldn't it be fun if you actually did disappear but into another realm.