Saving Rachel

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By John Locke

Publisher : Telemachus Press, LLC

ABOUT John Locke

John Locke
John Locke has written four novels and two non-fiction books. He lives in Kentucky, where he is at work on his fifth Donovan Creed novel, Wish List.


What if the best morning of your life suddenly turned into your worst nightmare? Sam Case is about to find out. Saving Rachel is the story of what happens when killers force a man to choose between his wife and his mistress...and the one he rejects must die. “If Dean Koontz collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock at the circus, this would be their brain child.” –Vintage DM Book Reviews 

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"Saving Rachel transcends ordinary storytelling into a class of genius, a stylishly fresh and energetic genre of writing. ...For those who are unfamiliar with Locke's writing and history, this is a perfect way to introduce you to one of the most creative contemporary talents. I'm certainly now one of his fans for life." 

~ Gary Sorkin, Pacific Book Review

“A truly spectacular read about an absolutely marvelous con!! Terrific job!!”

~ Claude Bouchard, author, Vigilante

“I loved Saving Rachel! I could hardly pause for breath! The plot is tight as a drum. The pages flew late into the night; I simply could not stop until the last page!”

~ Winslow Eliot, author, The Bright Face of Danger

“Five out of Five Stars! More than a thriller – Saving Rachel is a new genre defining excitement!”

~ Steven H. Jackson, author, Death of a Cure

“Five out of Five Stars! Dizzying action! Saving Rachel moves at a frenzied pace and is bursting with plot twists. I highly recommend it.”

~ Melissa Levine, IP Book Reviewers

Saving Rachel is the ultimate adventure with kick-in-the-backside action. Pick up this ‘must read’ book soon. You will not be disappointed.”

~ CK Webb, Webb Weaver Book Reviews

Saving Rachel is a fast—moving thriller, technically complex and a star example of intricate plotting.”

~ Elizabeth A. Allen, Clarion Reviews

“While I expected it to be interesting, I didn’t expect that I would get so caught up in it! I didn’t quit reading until the last page had been consumed!”

~ Joan Ann Hakola, Book Faerie Reviews

“A fenetic, mile-a-minute thriller. Will remind readers of a Hollywood blockbuster full of shakes, rattles, and a high–pitched roar.”

~ Kirkus Discoveries, Nielsen Business Media

“Five out of Five Stars! Bravo! Just when you think you have figured it out, you are wrong…and then wrong again…and again!

~ Steven Himes, Ohio

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Lethal People stands out as a brazenly smart thriller that’s hip and quick. Locke’s descrip­tions pop with a wit and flair that keep the pages turning. It’s a fun read that knows when to take itself seriously


“Locke has certainly mastered the art of dialogue in this suspenseful tale…To say that this is not your typical mystery/crime series doesn’t do the creative spirit of Locke justice. Readers will find that Lethal People is flooded with twists, unexpected characters and action…A page-turner.”

~ Holly Christine, Pittsburgh Book Examiner

“Five out of Five Stars! The plot moves forward with violent twists that will satisfy readers looking for fast action. Well-defined characters embody the complex dynamics of good and evil. The book’s black humor may seem harsh to some but will elicit laughs from readers who get it…This book will please those looking to escape into a story that keeps them guessing until the end.”

~ Margaret Cullison, ForeWord Clarion Review

 “Five out of Five Stars! What a ride! You gotta get on!!! Lethal People is a fast moving narra­tive based on a great character and supporting cast! The book really moves from the first page to the end and caused me to read it in one sitting. I laughed out loud at several of Locke’s scenes and had to back up a bit just to make sure that he had really written the words I had just read.”

~ Steven H. Jackson, author, “Death of a Cure”

“Five out of Five Stars! An exciting thriller pitting killers against killers, Lethal People is a choice read, highly recommended.”

~ Midwest Book Reviews

“A relentlessly entertaining crime novel that’s often LOL funny! The action is fast and furious, the dialogue smart, savvy and sexy, and the story is filled with quirky characters and clever surprises.”

~ Gerald Gross, Freelance Editor

Lethal People is the first installment of the Donovan Creed crime series. Author John Locke has created a bold, intelligent, highly skilled, and humorous lead character. This novel overflows with action while also setting a sturdy foundation for a series of novels that prom­ise exciting and intense plots. Locke's imagination is awesome. The descriptions of Donovan's capabilities as an assassin and agent are vivid and realistic. The humor the author incorporates into the story takes the edge off of Donovan's often unethical and violent behavior. So, even though Donovan is way out there, you have to love this guy. The author also soars in terms of plot and storytelling. Crime novel fans and readers who like to get attached to one intriguing character will love Lethal People and yearn for the next book in the series. I highly recommend it.

~ Melissa Levine, Independent Professional Book Reviewers

“A good old-fashioned shoot-‘em-up adventure story with newfangled weaponry. Well written, energetic and compelling in its quirkiness…an enjoyable page-turner.”

~ Kirkus Discoveries