'Throwing Dice On A Chessboard'


By Christos Tsiailis

Publisher : authorhouse

ABOUT Christos Tsiailis

Christos Tsiailis
Christos Rodoulla Tsiailis was born in Nicosia, Cyprus, in 1974.   He has obtained a B.A degree in English Literature and Linguistics and also participated in many writing workshops and writers’ retreats, either for acquiring new writing techniques, or as an organizer.  He is also inv More...


We people are changing from within.  The future of the planet is transforming at the moment these very words are being read. But who will grab his or her chance?  Who will face and kill the ferocious demons within?  Heroic actions come and stay for good once a short story is captured and written down.

Will it be the ingenious girl who, with a unique talent for methodical discovery in hand, should decide about her professional orientation, yet she constantly suppresses herself down? 

The tragic mother ignorant of her own disposition?

The lucky man who is self-healed from his insanity driven by both natural and technical phenomena?  

The tragic almost-lovers with a message waiting for hours to be read?

Or the dominant triplet?

They are all heroes of everyday life, struggling to overcome their dazzling soliloquy.  Some of these figures fighting with the modern changes - so lovingly cajoled but simultaneously cunningly struck by the simplest technological advances.  

Who holds the strongest weapon?  The realist or the dreamer?  One would argue,  none as much as both.  Fiction and reality are inseparable siblings, organs of the same body; it is when seahorses finally obtain voice and self-consciousness, only to see their host dead.    

Yet when a man tragically loses his life, another fights against a fig tree that has sexually dominated him all through his life.  A short story never ends…

Put together, all the pieces of the puzzling Reality that this collection of short stories may create are nothing but a “Carl Jung imaginarium” only to prove once again, in a brand new way, that we are all following a solid Plan called “Synchronicity”.

Some of these stories were given to me by friends, but have all been changed to a degree of being unrecognisable. An author friend of mine indeed lost a flirt within a few hours after rejecting him. That has been her secret until she shared with me... Of what she could not express, I made out a whole story. And as for the last story, I had a fig tree in my back yard, spend most of my adolecence there. Thank God I never found candy stuck up there... imagine if I had?

The stories here are crafted, honest, raw in places, and draw the reader into the universe of a fine young Cypriot writer's experience and imagination. (Pr. Spurgeon Thompson)